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I am from the historic town of Princeville, NC.

If you have not heard of Princeville it is the oldest town in America chartered by freed slaves. As the youngest of six siblings, I've gotten used to thriving in the background, even with all of my personal achievements. Yet, I've always felt a calling to make a huge impact on my community. I want to see a place where there are equitable opportunities for all. And I feel like it’s my duty - being from a place as rich in legacy as my hometown and all that it represents.


I have a degree in Communication Studies with a concentration in Media Production.

I am proficient in digital/film production, visual storytelling, and graphic design. However, I aspire to go beyond my existing skill set and not only stay in the things I am already great at. I want to continue to evolve and explore new avenues for creating meaningful change.


I stand at the intersection of creativity and advocacy. I truly believe that every individual deserves a chance at limitless success. I strongly value community, collaboration, and continuous learning. 


I envision a community that thrives, that is safe, and where everyone has access to a fulfilling life. My passion for the HOW - effecting change - manifests in many different forms, but the overall mission is the same.


In every endeavor, I strive to leave a positive mark and lead others on paths to a better future. My journey is all about growth. I feel like in order to have real impact we have to step outside of our comfort zones and embrace new possibilities.

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